UPDATE! RELEASE DATES: Some Upcoming Games to Look Forward To

The game industry on the iPhone and iPod touch has rapidly been getting larger and larger with each day bringing new content to the store. Though there are tons of worthwhile games on the market currently, there are also many to look forward to!

Chop Chop Caveman

Gamerizon’s first ever game explored the platform genre with no d-pad and instead many on-screen swipes to control the game. After their first release, they took a swing in the endless games genre with Chop Chop Runner, followed by a few others including Chop Chop Soccer, Hockey, and Tennis all taking advantage of the daily sports played around the world. They’ve been back at their real specialty lately with their newest game, Chop Chop Cavemen which has you playing as a caveman in a prehistoric world using the same platforming engine that Chop Chop Ninja uses. The game is looking great evident from the recently released trailer.

Update: Chop Chop Caveman has been approved and should be hitting the store on the 25th of this month (this Thursday, Thanksgiving)

Farts vs. Zombies

Having been following this game, I was ecstatic to hear from the developers they had finally brought its development to an end and had passed it on for Apple’s approval. We posted about the novelties, yet crude qualities of the game in early August hoping to see it in early to late September. However, after some delays, I’m assuming, the game did not get finished until early this month. The game combines the overused subjects of the app store (zombies and farts) to create a game disgusting yet unbearable with line-drawing action as you try to fend off oncoming zombies with an almost Chuck Norris lookalike character.

Update: The game has yet to have a release date., I’m guessing that either the developer’s found a bug in the game or Apple just found it too profane to include in their store. Unfortunately the latter is probably the more likely one, though I’m still hoping I’m wrong and am checking the app store each day to see if it has sprung up suddenly

FMX Riders – Freestyle Motocross

The best of its kind, yet the first to hit the app store soon is FMX Riders which is an arcade motocross racing game with all of the things you like to see in a game of its kind: jumps, tricks, and physics. There are multiple racing modes including an online racing mode, and some artwork that makes your screen burst with color. All I know is that the game is going to be pretty BA!

Update: The game has been approved and has a release date of this Wednesday, the 24th. Look out for this!

Push Panic

I just heard about this game and was instantly mezmerized by the bright colors, and seemingly addictive yet frenzy gameplay. Push Panic being published by Appular. Check out the features:

Tap the blocks as quickly as you can and remove them before they fill the screen! Link as many same colored blocks together as possible to score more points with massive combos. Random power-up blocks include chain-links that combine multiple color strings, point multipliers, time freezes, bombs, and a raise-the-bar blocks that give players more wiggle room.

This game is coming on Tuesday, the 23rd. This is a titles all of you match-3, puzzle game lovers will enjoy!

As you can tell, next week is going to be busy in terms of new games!