Sneezies is a puzzle game that I definitely feel falls in the “absolutely must have” category. The charming and colorful characters combined with an unbelievably simple idea make for dozens of hours of addicting fun. The fact that it’s so simple, yet it can still be quite challenging make it, quite literally, a game for all ages.

The point of the game is to create the largest chain reaction you can by dissipating sneezing powder in just the right spot. The “sneezies”, adorable little puff ball characters, are trapped inside bubbles that float gently around the screen. To pop the bubble and save them, you must make them sneeze. Any sneezies that are touched by the powder create their own little cloud of powder, deploy tiny parachutes, and then drop out of the screen. The game has a very chill and whimsical feel to it, but if the sneezies seem to be drifting too slowly for your tastes, you can re-disperse them by shaking your iPhone.

The game includes 4 different modes that enable the game to switch from being easy enough for a toddler to being challenging, even for an adult. In Classic mode, you’re given a target number of bubbles you need to pop in one try. Challenge mode gives you a larger goal but also gives you 5 chances. Easy mode is similar to Classic mode, but gives you a much smaller goal to reach. Score Ex mode is my favorite, as it gives you points for each sneezie you free under a set amount of levels. The goal is to rack up as many points as you possibly can. If you make a highscore you’re particularly proud of, you can even email your score to your friends directly from the app!

As far as the graphics and soundtrack go, they fit the game perfectly. The animation is cute and colorful and will be appealing to pretty much anyone. The backgrounds are charming and change frequently with every level. There is no iPod support, but I really don’t think the game needs it. The music provided adds a lot to the overall feel and makes the game relaxing and almost meditative. With the options, you can turn off the music or sound effects, and your highscores can be uploaded onto an online leaderboard. You can also save a game in each mode and pick it up later by swiping your finger across the screen.

Those of you that feel like Sneezies might be “too cute” for your tastes can always download Sneezies Lite and give it a test run. I seriously can’t imagine anyone not enjoying it though. Out of all the Chillingo apps I’ve played, I think I’ve probably played Sneezies the most. It’s colorful and charming, here is no pressure in the gameplay, and it’s incredibly addictive. Also, I haven’t seen many game apps that can accommodate so many different skill levels. Whether you want it for yourself or to entertain your toddler during car rides, Sneezies won’t disappoint.

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