Sneak Peek: League of Evil 2

We took this mighty fine application through our review process, and it came out with flying colors, and Apple also listed it in their “Benchmark Games” list, which we posted about yesterday. What application? League of Evil. Exclusive shots of its successor have recently been released, and we’ve got them below.

Deriving from its predecessor, League of Evil 2 takes you through the same madness you had to go through before except with some significant changes and additions. It’ll feature the same kind of mini, infuriating levels as before and will not change the formula behind the game’s amazing, intuitive and responsive controls. Rather, other content has been added.

First off, the game has been totally redesigned. Developer, Ravenous Games have teamed up with yet another development outlet to produce to game’s artwork. The first game in the series featured that retro artwork that all us retro junkies absolutely adore, including myself. This sequel changes that up completely, and even though I’m a huge fan of pixel artwork, this game’s graphics look far superior. They’ve been upgraded a notch to look more smooth and crisp while offering better details and more vivid colors to enhance the gameplay.

Secondly, the game will now launch with over one hundred new levels never seen before. Like we’ve stated above, the levels will still have the same overall size in comparison to other platformers: short, quick and very simple to get yourself into. The same enemies and hazards along some new additional ones have been included to make the game more challenging on you.

One of my major gripes that I had with the first LoE was that the game got too difficult, too quickly. After the first couple of content updates, which were levels, the levels were almost impossible to complete unless you were a serious, hardcore gamer, so that really debased my confidence once I figured out I couldn’t finish the game…That said, I’m ending this paragraph on a high note, which I’d consider it to be anyways; Ravenous Games are planning on integrating a difficulty system which you can toggle on and off depending on whether or not you’re the typical casual gamer or the hardcore gamer.

I haven’t gotten my hands on the game yet, and frankly no one has, but I’ve worked with the developers previously on both beta testing and reviewing, and I’ve got to say that they won’t submit the game until it’s pristine and perfectly executed. So expect a brilliant game whenever it launches – no release date has been stated thus far, but we’ll keep you updated. In the mean time, here are some teaser screens to whet your appetite:

(Click on each picture to enlarge. The first is a mockup icon that I created using assets, the second through fourth are actual screens from the game and the last showcases a few of the character sprites that will be used in the game beside their first-game-counterparts. Enjoy!)