Smule Releases Glee-Branded Karaoke App

iPhone developer Smule has teamed up with the hit television show Glee to release an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad [iTunes Link, $2.99]. The app allows users to sing along to music featured on the show, with new songs being added every week, and the aspiring vocalist can even add pitch control and auto-harmonizing effects to their voice. While it may sound like nothing more than a branded karaoke game, this app has additional functionality that places Glee in a club of its own.

For those of you who have used any of Smule’s previous apps, such as Ocarina [iTunes Link, $0.99] and Leaf Trombone: World Stage [iTunes Link, $0.99], you know that the developer excels in building a great community around their apps.  Glee is no different; as soon as you are done recording your song, you have the choice to share the performance with your Facebook friends or with others in the app’s built in social network. While in the “Smuleverse,” users can listen to other people’s songs and add their own voices to the performance.

If the popularity of the TV show is any indication, this app is destined to become an overnight hit for people of any background, whether they be geeks, jocks, or cheerleaders.

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