Smart Watch Technology Won’t Be “Market Ready” for Three Years, Corning Says

Apple is entering the smart watch market. At least, that’s what we thought.

According to a report about the Corning Glass Technologies, the bendable Willow Glass that was said to work with the rumored Apple smart watch will take up to at least three years before the technology will be “market ready.” That leaves us until 2016 until we can get our hands on the Apple-built watch, dampening the anticipation of a technology that was said to have a huge pent up demand for such a gadget.

James Clappin, president of Corning Glass Technologies had a moment to sound off on the issue after an event marking the opening of a new and high-tech $800 million factory for liquid-crystal-display glass.

“People are not accustomed to glass you roll up,” said Corning Glass President Clappin. “The ability of people to take it and use it to make a product is limited.”

One of the biggest issues Clappin noted was that companies have not thought up products that can take full advantage of the Willow Glass technology. But it’s not for a lack of trying.

The New York-based company is making an effort to teach “very big name” customers on handling individual spools of the flexible material, which can bend in shape quite easily.

Recent reports have confirmed that Apple seized a patent on the wearable technology this past week. But there are still some issues such as the low battery life that still need to be addressed. Once Corning can resolve this problem and companies become familiar with the product, an estimated 485 million wearable computing devices could be shipped across the world as early as 2018.

The new gadget is reportedly run by Apple’s iOS platform which, if true, would have the edge over its much more limited competitors based on the company’s understanding of the glass product.


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