Sly-Q is yet another one of those simple, yet entertaining puzzle games that frequently show up in the app store. Despite this fact, the developers did a pretty decent job making this particular app especially sleek and one-of-a-kind. The idea is to slide around the tiles that lie within a main shape to achieve a certain pattern in as little time and moves as possible. The tiles move in groups, horizontally and vertically, and your job is to make the overall shape look like the “goal” image.

This may seem overly complicated but the controls are simple and the help section is very easy to understand. The graphics are well executed for this particular style of game. They aren’t distracting, but they still give the game a clean, professional look. As for the soundtrack, unfortunately there is none. There is also zero iPod support but I actually don’t consider it to be a crippling issue. Once you got far enough into the game, the distraction of music would probably only become a hinderance anyways.

There are 5 different difficulty levels starting at Normal and ending at Master. Like most games of it’s kind, you need to complete Normal before you can unlock the next level and so on and so forth. Once you beat a puzzle, the game automatically saves your score. You are then shown the stats on your win, such as how long it and how many moves it took you. This really amps up the urge to beat your own score!

While Sly-Q’s gameplay isn’t too much different from the other block puzzle games out there, it still presents itself in a nice little package. The price is right and the puzzles are engaging, making it worthwhile in my opinion. The developers may want to consider iPod support and extra levels, but all in all I would say the game is just fine as is.

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