Sling Proves AT&T Openly Lied About SlingPlayer

Yesterday we thought AT&T was making significant progress in the right direction when they said in a press release that they had worked with Sling Media to optimize the SlingPlayer for iPhone, and were then allowing it to work on their 3G network. When asked, Sling Media said the app hasn’t been changed since before and AT&T never worked with them on it.

“We didn’t change anything,” Sling Media’s John Santoro told Ars. “AT&T never discussed any specific requirements with us.”

Santoro says that the app has always been optimized to adapt the stream quality to suit network conditions. AT&T has been in talks with Sling, but they never made as much as a suggestion or gave them any requirements.

Assuming what they’ve said is true, and they have no real reason to lie about it at this point, AT&T has been caught lying to save face with their users.

[via Ars Technica]


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