Slider Case for iPhone 3G

There are a few brands that come to mind when you think of high quality cases for your precious Apple products. Incase is one of those and they’ve quickly grown a modest lineup for the iPhone 3G. Today I’ll be talking about their highly respected Slider Case for the iPhone 3G.

Description: The Slider Case for iPhone 3G comes in a very minimalistic box with no other accessories. It actually comes in two styles; the white gloss and the black matte. The style I used was the black matte, so I can’t speak for the material or feel of the white gloss case. The black matte version, besides being matte in appearance, is also very smooth and doesn’t stick on the inside of a pocket. It also feels very good in your hand.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Slider is its beautifully simple design. The case itself is made up of two pieces which join together to form the entire case. The inside of both pieces is lined with rails of rubber to avoid scratching the iPhone as well as to help absorb any impacts. They also help to keep the case in place. The smaller bottom portion can be easily removed so that the iPhone can be docked. When you’re finished syncing or charging, it easily slips back on.

All ports, speakers, mics, controls, and buttons are totally accessible with the case on. The only exception is that you have to remove the bottom portion to dock your iPhone, which is (obviously) the point of the Slider.

The Good: Incase put a lot of thought into this case and it really shows. For example, when you dock the iPhone, the bottom of the case is perfectly parallel to the surface of the dock. The portion of the case surrounding the screen is actually angled away from the screen so that typing is uninhibited. In fact, this is one of the easiest full-body iPhone case to type with.

Because of the material the Slider is coated in, it easily slips in and out of your pocket without sticking. Not only does it slip into a pocket well, it has a very nice feel to it.

The Bad: I honestly couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about this case.

Bottom line: The Slider Case for iPhone 3G is one of the most well designed hard cases available for the iPhone 3G. Its combination of form, function, and protection make this one of the best choices for protecting your iPhone 3G.

The Slider Case for iPhone 3G is available in matte black and white gloss for $34.99. It can be found in Apple Retail Stores and at

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