Skype Verizon Deal Leaving iPhone Users Behind?

AT&T and Apple’s restrictions on VoIP over 3G has been lifted for a while now, but Skype has yet to update their app for either Push Notifications or calling over the 3G network. Following their recent announcement of an “always-on app” for Blackberry and Andriod on Verizon, it seems as if they may have been holding out on us for the sake of a deal with Verizon.

Russ Shaw, Skype’s General Manager for their mobile devision, promised the app back in 2009:

Many of you have also been asking when we’ll release a version which allows you to make calls over 3G – the holy grail of Skype on the mobile, if you like. We’ve had a 3G-capable version ready for some time now, but Apple’s current restrictions mean that they won’t allow us to make it available on the App Store for the moment.

The ban on those apps has been lifted for a while now, but we still haven’t heard anything from Skype, and it’s starting to look like we never will. Remember, it’s not like they don’t have the resources because they’re too small or something. They have more than half a billion accounts for users bringing in $185 million in the last quarter alone on Skype-In and Skype-Out minutes. They’re the largest international voice carrier in the world.

Could it be that they signed a deal with Verizon that leaves iPhone users in the dust?

[via 9to5 Mac]


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