Skype leaks news of Verizon iPhone

News has come out that Skype will launch a video chat for the iPhone that will compete with Apple’s FaceTime. Under the FAQ section the question, “How do I make video call with Skype for iPhone?” was posted with an obvious Verizon logo next to the Skype logo. Oops! saw this and immediately posted the picture. The information was removed as quickly as it was posted causing even more speculation about the elusive Verizon iPhone.  The company plans to unveil Skype for iPhone next week at the  CES tradeshow.  Looks like the rumors of Verizon’s CEO, Ivan Seidenberg, announcing the new partnership at the opening keynote for CES could becoming more fact and less fiction.

Regarless, Skype plans lauch the iPhone program next week. And, unlike FaceTime which is only accessible via WiFi, Skype will be available via 3G or WiFi. The software also allows users to switch from the front to the rear facing camera. In addition, Skype will largely promote their iPad software at CES, but who cares about that when we have sparkly unicorns like the Verizon iPhone to chase.