Skyhook: 10% Of Apps Are Location-Aware

Skyhook Wireless, the company who’s WPS and XPS technology is used in the iPhone and iPhone 3G to locate devices based on nearby Wi-Fi networks, released a report recently outlining the number of location-aware applications in the App Store and some statistical information about them. According to public App Store data, over 300 of the apps in the App Store are location-aware.

Mobclix found that there are currently over 4,000 apps in the store today, meaning that less than 10% of all apps use Core Location in one way or another. Back in September there were an average of 5.5 new location-aware apps launched every day.

Of the location-based apps, 61% are paid apps. Over 50% were Local Search, Social Networking or Navigation apps, including ones like Twitter, Whrrl and Pelago.

(Be sure to check out the source below for several nice graphics that I’m not allowed to duplicate on this page.)

[via O'Reilly Radar]

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