Skin Scan – An App That Checks If You Have Cancer

If you are rightfully cautious, then it would not be a bad thing to have an app on your iPhone that can “Skin Scan” for cancer. For anybody with moles, the app is a no-brainer, just in case. (Though not a substitution for an actual doctor.)

After taking a picture of a mole and the skin around it with the camera, Skin Scan examines the image to then analyze any abnormalities. Of course, if it finds the mole to not be anything worth worrying about, medical help should still be sought based on a user’s own opinion. The purpose of the scanning is to alert users if the algorithm utilized creates data that suggests that a mole is potentially cancerous and requires medical attention.

Especially since tanning is a regular activity for many during this time of year, $5 is a small price to pay to stay on the safe side. A quick examination by Skin Scan of any oddities that arise cannot hurt. In fact, early detection is the most important step in curing cancer.

According to Business Insider, a total of 13 people work on Skin Scan, with two of those being dermatologists and another two being mathematicians. It has even received over $71,000 in seed funding.

If we were to take the word of an iTunes reviewer, it seems the app’s algorithm may be fairly effective. A user that has a wife with melanoma found that the app was consistent with their doctor’s evaluations.

Though you cannot fully trust an app for medical advice, Skin Scan presents an easy-to-use, hassle-free detection method. Even if it should not be considered completely reliable, the instantaneous feedback makes it effortless to check regularly, thus checking for issues becomes a more convenient, accessible task. Skin Scan may truly be a life saver.

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