Skies Of Glory WWII Aerial Combat Game Hits The App Store, Free

SGN’s highly anticipated WWII aerial combat game Skies Of Glory [App Store, Free] was released on the App Store today, and boy does it look good. Skies Of Glory puts you in the seat of a WWII-style air fighter, ready to destroy enemy planes on single player missions and multiplayer combat over Internet, Bluetooth, or WiFi.

Interestingly, SGN has decided to go with a “freemium” business model. This means that the initial purchase is free, but there are quite a few add-ons available for purchase within the game. For example, local multiplayer actually costs $1.99, although Internet multiplayer is free for a limited time. However, there are several skirmish, campaign, and training missions available in the free version.

Two other bundles are available at this time; Mission Pack 1, which adds ten missions and one new plane, and the Dogfight Bundle, which adds 95 dogfight missions and a skirmish mode.

So whether or not you plan on purchasing any of the add-ons, I definitely recommend checking the game out.


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