Sirius XM Announces XM SkyDock Adapter for iPhone, iPod Touch

On Thursday, satellite radio provider Sirius XM announced the launch of XM SkyDock, an accessory that will allow iPhone and iPod touch users to receive live XM and “The Best of Sirius” satellite radio in their vehicles. Per Digital Daily, the unit is scheduled to launch in the fall at suggested price of $119.99 and utilizes a vehicle’s cigarette lighter power port to mount and power the device and iPhone or iPod touch.

The $119.99 peripheral uses iPhone OS 3′s support for third-party hardware to transform the Apple handsets handsets into full-fledged satellite radios. Like similar adapters, the SkyDock charges your iPhone while you listen to it and supports the ability to tag songs for download from iTunes. The unit also offers users access to all XM and “The Best of SIRIUS” channels, even those the company infamously excludes from its online feed, like Howard Stern, MLB Play-by-Play and NFL Play-by-Play.

Other features iTunes tagging of songs, sports and stock tickers, as well as various alerts for sports and music news.

The XM SkyDock is compatible with all iPhone and iPod touch models and requires iPhone OS 3.0 to run.

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