Singapore iPhone 3G To Lack Visual Voicemail, No iTunes Store Access

SingTel started selling the iPhone 3G in Singapore at midnight local time on Thursday, but at launch it will be missing several of the features currently available in other countries. Users with SingTel will not have access to visual voicemail, nor the music and videos sold by Apple through the iTunes Store.

“On launch, customers will not be able to buy content from the iTunes Store. However, they will be able to buy applications from the Apple application store,” the company said in a press brief, adding that “VVM will not be available at time of launch.”

They did not specify if they would be available in the future, but we suspect that it’s a possibility given the phrasing of their statements. Despite the lack of access to the iTunes media, users fortunately will have access to apps through the App Store.

More information about the iPhone plans and pricing from SingTel is available at

[via Macworld]

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