Singapore Deems iPad 2 to Be Military-Grade with an Order of 8,000

Singapore is either technologically-advanced or just likes to keep up with the mass-consumer market. Either way, the Singapore Ministry of Defense recently purchased 8,000 iPad 2 tablets to be used by the country’s military, navy, and air force beginning in November. That is quite an investment, especially considering how the iPad is aimed at consumers and professionals. It is not necessarily designed for or ready for such abuse without a few durability modifications.

The more basic in-field usage of iPad would be for taking photos and videos to then upload to Singapore Armed Forces’s LEARNet. We’re not sure if they got the memo that the iPad 2′s camera quality is not one of the device’s strongest points, but then again that is a reasonable tradeoff as long as that isn’t the main reason for putting tablets into the field. Soldiers will also be encouraged to use the tablets to hold video chat discussions and easily contact one another.

Of course, expect tons of custom-tailored apps to be developed specifically for the Singapore Armed Forces; seemingly-futuristic, deserving-of-the-adjective “cool” apps you will never get to try.

The fact that Singapore is strongly based around its Armed Forces makes the news more significant. Every legal resident 18 and over in the country is required to complete two years of military training.

Defense chief Neo Kian Hong (indirectly) addresses my opening thoughts with his statement on the use of the iPad: “By exploiting the use of popular and current information and communications technology, we are able to harness our advantage of today’s technologically savvy servicemen.”

[via Yahoo! News]