Simplify Music 2.0 Adds Search, Playlists, Seaking

Simplify Media has released Simplify Music 2.0 to the App Store today. Simplify Music lets you stream non-DRM music from your iTunes library on your desktop to your iPhone or iPod touch over Wi-Fi, Edge or 3G (respectively), as well as music from libraries of up to 30 friends. The new version adds search features, favorites, playlists, and a “scrub bar”. Video after the break.

New features in version 2.0:

  • Search: Users can now search for artist, album and title across all connected computers as though it’s one giant library
  • Favorites: Tag favorite music on the fly from personal libraries, or those of friends
  • Playlists: Create an on-the-fly playlist for later enjoyment right on your phone or touch
  • Seek: Use the “scrub bar” to easily move forward or back in a streamed podcast or audio book

You can get Simplify Music 2.0 in the App Store for a special introductory sale price of $2.99 (will be $5.99 starting May 14).

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