Silicon iPhone 3G Case by OrionGadgets

This case by Orion Gadgets is simple and flexible. A cheap alternative to purchasing more expensive iPhone cases, this silicone sleeve is inexpensive and easy to apply.

Description: This case is made of silicone and comes in multiple colors. There are holes for each access point and the screen area is open for functionality.

Pros: The thin design allows the normal sleek look of your iPhone to be apparent, and the large choice of colors gives you the chance to really customize the way you want your iPhone clothed. The silicone goes right back to the original size after being stretched which means that the case fits very well on the iPhone.

Cons: The thin design won’t stand up to much at all. Try not to drop your phone, because while the case is a thin silicone padding, there are large holes in the top and bottom that will do nothing to protect your phone. The lining is also cut very poorly, and when put under pulling pressure, the sleeve actually tore. As cases are typically advertised to protect your iPhone, I wouldn’t advise choosing this certain one to do so. It’s a cheap ($9-12) alternative to real protection, but I simply can’t advise anyone to purchase this case.

Bottom Line: This silicone case is flimsy and cheap, but if you’re looking for something to accessorize your iPhone much like a child decorates her dolls, then this case could be perfect for you. Save up a few more bucks with the ol’ piggy bank and purchase a real iPhone case.

This case can be purchased on Orion Gadgets’ site, ranging from $9-12.

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