Shure Rolls Out $100 SE102s, Offering MPA Bundled With All SEs

As those of you who have heard my appearances on the iPhone Alley Podcast know, I’m a big fan of Shure’s SE line of in-ear headphones. Earlier today they released the SE102s, a new edition at the bottom of the line-up, starting at $99.99. They also announced that in a new attempt to target smartphone owners like those with iPhones, they are now offering their MPA, which add a microphone and a control button, discounted when bundled with any of the SE line headphones.

Now their prices are as follows:
SE102MPA: $99.99 retail price; $119.99 MSRP
SE110MPA: $129.99 retail price; $154.99 MSRP
SE210MPA: $179.99 retail price; $214.99 MSRP
SE310MPA: $279.99 retail price; $334.99 MSRP
SE420MPA: $379.99 retail price; $429.99 MSRP
SE530MPA: $469.99 retail price; $519.99 MSRP

[via Gizmodo]

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