ShoZu is a mobile photo uploading application that can access up to 50 media sites, allowing you to post and upload your pictures to any of those sites without ever opening the browser. Users can also have ShoZu download feeds from sites such as Flickr and even podcasts.

I decided to activate a Feed to a friend’s Flickr account, just to test out the functions, and it worked surprisingly well. New updates are highlighted with a little starry background, and when viewing the images, comments and the description are available. Tapping the images actually shows the picture full-screen, and you can even tip the iPhone to view it horizontally. The only downside to feeds on iPhone with ShoZu is that high-quality images are compressed to low-quality previews, presumably to compensate for the capability of downloading multiple images.

Pros: The ability to upload photographs works effortlessly and has a very simple interface. Users simply choose a photograph from the camera roll and then fill out basic descriptions. It can connect to up to 50 sites such as Flickr, Photobucket, Twitpic and WordPress, and it can even post to multiple sites simultaneously. Having Feeds download to ShoZu is simple in regards to sites like Flickr, and there is even the possibility of getting updates from Facebook and Twitter to go directly to ShoZu.

Cons: The part that users may not realize is that in order to have podcast feeds activated they have to have actual accounts on the ShoZu site, which honestly doesn’t seem like much of a loss seeing as you could easily just use iTunes and get a more fulfilling experience. I would much prefer the images from Feeds to be the actual full-sized images

Bottom Line: ShoZu has brought to iPhone users the ability to upload any image in their camera roll to almost any of their favorite sites, and it brings us this ability effortlessly. Users can load feeds and view them without even touching iPhone’s Safari, and even post comments. An absolute must-have for minibloggers and mobile photographers alike.

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