Shazam & Last.FM Join Forces is really handy for finding new music, and Shazam is great for finding information on that great song you just heard for the first time. Separately, they are essential for any music lover. Now they’re becoming even better by joining forces and crossing functionality. Shazam has just updated both Shazam Encore [App Store, $4.99] and (SHAZAM)RED [App Store, $4.99] to incorporate features from for songs you tag.

Now in Shazam Encore and (SHAZAM)RED, you can listen to the station for tagged tracks directly from the tracks in Shazam. You can also create stations for the tagged tracks in the iPhone App [App Store, Free], and view ticket and tour information using location information in the app to see when they’ll be playing nearby.

We haven’t tried the new combination, but Shazam and seem like the perfect match. What do you think of it?

[via Mashable]

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