Share your iPhone stories with Apple

Has getting your iPhone changed your life in some way? Have you ever had a time when you were using your iPhone when something happened that was so incredible you wish you could tell Apple all about it? Apple is asking you, iPhone-using population to share with them your stories.

If you have a story you would like to share with Apple, you can tell them at Just Fill out the form on their site with your name, and your email address if you don’t mind being contacted about your story, select your age, and then submit your story in the provided field.

Do you not have a story to share with them? Would you rather tell them about your great idea that would improve the iPhone and make it even better than already it is? Are you just itching to tell them all about all of the frustrating problems you’ve had with you’re iPhone? You’re in luck too, because they have a way to do that all set up on their site, just for you. You can find it at Personally, I think that it is one of the things that separate Apple from the rest. I encourage anyone with a suggestion to take advantage of it.

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