SendStation Dock Extender – Dock Your iPhone Without Removing Its Case

The iPhone is arguably one of the most beautiful mobile phones available today and it’s only natural to want to protect all that shiny goodness. Unfortunately a majority of the cases out there don’t fit in the iPhone’s dock, forcing you to either remove the case every time you want to charge, or neglecting the dock and merely using the cable. Thankfully the innovative folks at SendStation have come up with the Dock Extender which lets you dock your iPhone while keeping it inside of a case.

Description: The Dock Extender is an ingenious little device. Put simply, it extends the iPhone’s (or iPod’s) dock port so that it can dock without the need to remove a protective case. The only requirement of the case is that it allows access to the dock port. If you have that, you’re in business. Alongside the extender, SendStation also includes a Universal Dock insert which actually props up the iPhone. The support is also removable and includes three differently sized bumpers which work with almost any case.

Pros: Obviously the greatest advantage is the ability to set your iPhone in the dock without removing your case. Also, the universal dock insert props up your iPhone for use in the Apple Universal Dock.

Cons: While the Dock Extender does exactly what it’s supposed to do, there are a couple minor issues. The first is that the universal insert which props up the iPhone only fits in the Universal Dock, not in the iPhone dock. However, you can use the Dock Extender in the iPhone dock without the insert. I also found that the iPhone end of the Extender holds onto the iPhone when you pull it up. To fix this, I actually pulled out the two “teeth” on either side of the Extender with pliers. After I did this, it worked much better. I recommend you do the same.

Conclusion: The Dock Extender is an indispensable accessory for anyone using a case on their iPhone. I definitely give it a “thumbs up” but I recommend that it’s used with the Apple Universal Dock to maximize its usefulness.

The SendStation Dock Extender is available in black or white for $28.95 at

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