Self Manage Your Well Being with Two New Health Tracking Apps

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and an iPhone is nearly five ounces, then how many trips to the doctor can you avoid with new wellness tracking apps Body & Mind Connection for iPhone [App Store, $0.99] and iPad [App Store, $0.99] and Optimism [App Store, Free*]?

In both apps, you spend a short amount of time each day assigning number ratings to mood, amount of sleep and exercise, how healthily you ate, etc. The apps then help you establish relationships between lifestyle factors and various areas of well being, and ultimately help you reach your goals with their fancy progress-tracking charts.

Body & Mind Connection from B Healthy U, LLC relies on the nutrition and weight management advice of Dr. David L Katz, former Director of Medical Studies in Public Health at the Yale School of Medicine and exercise tips by Joe Decker, “The World’s Fittest Man,” according to the Guiness World Records.

Optimism from Optimism Apps is based on the established desktop application of the same name, and focuses more specifically on how all these “stay well strategies” and “triggers” work to influence your overall mental health and happiness.

By helping you identify and take action on trends and triggers, both Optimism and Mind & Body Connection take an integrative approach to self-management and prevention. So if, for example, you tend to get stomach aches on mornings when you punch people in the face and steal their candy and eat that instead of a healthy breakfast, but not when you buy your own candy, then maybe you’ll find out that your stomach ache is caused more by guilt over punching people in the face rather than the expected nutrition issue. And maybe more candy would actually help you feel better about the way you’ve chosen to treat people in the mornings and in the face. But you’ll never know if you don’t collect the data.

If you’ve tried either app (or if, like me, you try to do this stuff in a spreadsheet like some Treo-carrying luddite), let us know what you think in the comments.

(*Optimism, while free, requires email registration with the company. And many tracking features like customizing input fields, planning, syncing, and charting may require the purchase of either an Optimism desktop application for Mac or Windows or the Optimism for Web service for $39.95 each.)

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