SDK To Add Support For 3rd Party Hardware Game Controllers? [Update: False]

One of the many restrictions the iPhone SDK imposes is that apps aren’t allowed to communicate with third party hardware connected to the device, meaning, among other things, no hardware game controller add-ons. However, that may be about to change. According to Touch Arcade, a diagram of an unknown game controller add-on is actually a legitimate future product in the works from Belkin.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Belkin is a promanent Apple gadget accessory maker. If the rumor is true and they really are working on it, then it’s almost a sure sign that it will be supported in the SDK.

One of the few disadvantages of the iPhone as a gaming device is that it lacks physical buttons, making it difficult in some cases to create games that require them. A hardware solution would solve the problem, letting a user control the game without getting their fingers in the way of the screen.

A mysterious diagram of one such application (among others) was recently sent in to Touch Arcade. At the time it’s origins and authenticity were unknown, but a copy of an advertisement seems to prove it’s existence with Belkin.

The ad mentions using JoyPod specifically for App Store games, implying that it will be supported by the SDK. It also mentions:

  • 8 buttons total (6 on the front)
  • Audio output
  • Dock connector for power and syncing

Apple and Belkin have yet to comment at the time this article was written.

Update: Belkin contacted TouchArcade regarding the JoyPod, stating that “We have no plans to release such a product,”.

[via TouchArcade]

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