SDK Agreement Prohibits Direction Apps, Auto-Pilots, Emergency Apps

It looks like the guys over at TomTom are out of luck. A reader of BoingBoing recently found a section in the Apple iPhone SDK agreement that poses a limitation on what kinds of applications that can be written for the iPhone that pertain to applications that would be useful for the new GPS capabilities in iPhone 3G.

From the document:

Applications may not be designed or marketed for real time route guidance; automatic or autonomous control of vehicles, aircraft, or other mechanical devices; dispatch or fleet management; or emergency or life-saving purposes.

That would include any sort of third-party developed turn-by-turn direction applications, like the TomTom software. As for the control of vehicles and software for life-saving purposes, both sound really cool, but Apple doesn’t seem to agree. It could be possible that they don’t want to be responsible if something goes wrong, which would be understandable.

[via BoingBoing Gadgets]

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