Scribble. I’d really like to say that there’s more to this application, but imagine carrying around a piece of paper, four crayons and a big crayon-eraser tool.

Then imagine that you can put those pieces of paper in your pocket, share that piece of paper by flinging it at people with a slingshot, and altogether just… scribbling. Well, that piece of paper is your inerface, the slingshot is a program called Zintin, and that scribbling is all you’re going to be doing if you decide to download this application.

A plus is that you can scribble, but the main con is that the lines aren’t even smooth, and this program feels more like a waste of time than a scribbling spree of joy. Terrible. Two stars for the fact that it does exactly what it was created to do. Two stars for the fact that I’ll stick to my Photoshop and sketchbook.

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