Scientists Test iPhone 3G Antenna Reception, Say It’s Just Fine

The unusual reception issues with the iPhone 3G have been creating a lot of frustration for those with the issue, causing some pointing fingers to the iPhone 3G’s hardware. Apple said they can fix it with software, but it still leaves some wondering if the 3G’s hardware really could be defective. To solve the mystery, a Sweedish company called Bluetest decided to test their 3G’s antenna.

Bluetest is a small compnay based in Lindholmen Science Park in Sweden that makes and sells testing chambers for small handheld wireless devices for companies like Motorola and OTC.

They found that despite the connection issues being experienced by some, they were able to find nothing unusual with the device’s hardware, saying “the values are completely normal.” Their tests show that the iPhone 3G’s antenna strength is comparable to the Nokia N73 and Sony Ericcson P1, which they tested under the same conditions.

They also tested to see if doing other things on the device could possibly create a problem with reception on the software end, but they weren’t able to find anything that did.

While it’s probably little immediate comfort to those still stuck with the aforementioned reception issues, it is good to know that the issue doesn’t lie directly with hardware.

[via Goteborgs- Posten]

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