‘Say Where’ To Bring Voice Search To iPhone

Dial Directions Software has just announced their new app, Say Where for the iPhone. The app uses voice recognition to allow users to search for things like directions, businesses, reviews, and more just by tapping the screen and speaking the location. Users can chose which mobile site to search, including Traffic.com, MapQuest, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google Local, Ask.com and more.

“Featuring new voice-entry technology and open user interface simplicity across devices, Say Where unlocks mobile content for mainstream adoption,” the company claims.

They posted this video of the app in action:

They also provide this graphical overview:

It should be noted that this app is specifically limited to searching those specific sites, and still requires interaction with the touch screen. They have yet to announce a release date, but say that the app will be free in the App Store.

Update: It looks like they pulled the video. We’re guessing it could be NDA related, but we’re waiting on confirmation.

[via iPod Observer]

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