Santa to Use Siri for Christmas Deliveries?

It seems as that Apple built Siri not only to act as an assistant to the handset’s owner, but also for Mr. Claus come Christmas this 25th – well, that’s what is depicted by Apple’s most recent television advertisement that aired just today.

30 seconds long, the ad shows Santa utilizing Siri’s location features, its weather information, ability to check messages and calender appointments; essentially, everything that Siri can do…

First Santa asks abandons his poor reindeer (not really) and asks for directions to a child’s house. Next, he asks for multiple weather reports in a few major cities, then asks for the naughty and nice list via email, followed by a text message from Mrs. Claus advising to take it easy on the cookies which is finally proceeded by the display of Santa’s calender which consists of 3.7 billion appointments. Check it out for yourself:

It’s actually quite an interesting ad and is the best ad I’ve seen yet that correctly represents Siri’s power. So for kicks, just imagine Santa using Siri come Christmas Eve.