Samsung Unveiling iPhone-wannabe 4″ Galaxy S III mini Today – iPA B

With one of the more pressing differences between iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III, besides the viciously-competing operating systems, being the form factor of each as Galaxy S3 is quite noticeably bigger, Samsung is taking a step to attempt to compete even more directly with iPhone 5. In a move that downsizes the 4.8″ display to 4″ in a new miniaturized S3 model, the S3 will become very much more so a head-to-head competitor.

Samsung Mobile Communications’ head JK Shin has confirmed the “Galaxy S III mini,” which will carry a 4″ display and is to be announced in further detail today, October 11, in Germany.

Editor’s take: Many observations I have come across have found that the 4.8″ S3 display is too big to comfortably hold for periods at a time, especially for hectic one-handed use. Although some do find the bigger screen to be a worthwhile comfort trade-off, swearing by their decision, the consensus amongst a select but vocal group is that 4.8″ is not a perfect fit for this form factor. Unless Samsung decides to upgrade the cheap plastic body and inferior internals, the S3 mini will lag considerably behind iPhone 5 upon its release.

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