Samsung Runs Anti-iPhone 5 Ad in Newspapers

In what seems like quite a childish attempt to undermine the iPhone 5, Samsung today ran an ad in Sunday newspapers blatantly declaring its anti-iPhone 5 view. You haven’t seen desperate until you’ve seen this.

CNET’s Chris Matyszczyk had to say the following:

And so Samsung is greeting the arrival of the iPhone 5 with an ad that will run tomorrow in certain national and local newspapers (how modern). It is not a flattering ad. It suggests that the iPhone 5 isn’t even good enough to be, well, a copy of the Galaxy S3.

The ad breaks down the two phones, comparing their specific key-features and other respective advantages over one another. Obviously, considering Samsung put the ad together, the list is in favor of the South Korean technology giant’s Galaxy S3 phone. However, the ad is a bit misleading in that it boasts a lot of features that are specific to the S3 (shake to update, NFC, Palm Swipe Camera, tilt to zoom, etc.) and keeps the iPhone list to a generic minimum.

Both aesthetically and intellectually, it’s quite evident that Samsung didn’t put a whole lot of time or effort throwing the advertisement together. The ad’s headline — “It doesn’t take a genius.” — is meant to hurt Apple Retail’s Genius Bars. At the end of the ad, is the line — “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here”.

Samsung and Apple have been at each other’s throats (figuratively, of course) in the courtroom. Although they’re in the midst of a huge patent war, Apple still buys key components from Samsung for use in the iPhone 5.

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 is undoubtedly a good phone, it seems unfair for Samsung to so unfairly represent the iPhone 5. What do you think?

Here’s the full ad: