Samsung Executive: Patent War With Apple “Is Worth It”

Samsung and Apple have been battling it out in court for months now over the constant back and forth litigation and accusations on behalf of both major smartphone companies. Sparked by Apple claiming Samsung’s line of galaxy tablets and smartphones blatantly copied the design of its iPhone and iPad, the battle has reached over 50 countries and has undoubtedly cost the Taiwan-based company (Samsung) billions of dollars in losses. Further, it has disrupted the otherwise steady relationship between the two companies built strongly by Samsung being the largest provider of components for Apple’s iOS devices. Despite these obvious downsides to these battles, one unnamed executive deep within Samsung’s chain claims the legal battle “is worth it” for the increase of brand awareness the battle has caused.

“This is worth it,” an unnamed Samsung executive told The Korean Times. “More consumers know about Samsung. The fight with Apple has so far been effective in boosting our brand awareness.”

That’s not simply a comment to hinder Apple’s legal team, though. Samsung’s recent sales numbers are the proof that such a battle has improved its figures, as the company has attained market share as Android-manufacturing rivals such as HTC and Nokia have increasingly lost share.

The paper reports that the battle only “urges Samsung designers, technicians and software developers to roll out more powerful and design-enhanced smartphones ahead of schedule”. Reportedly, Samsung has intentionally been prolonging the battle for the positive impact it has been having on the company.

SlashGear reports that Samsung’s prolonging of the war has paid off:

Some evidence suggests Samsung’s expensive strategy could be paying off. The company rose two points in Interbrand’s “2011 Best Global Brands” research, to seventeenth place, with an estimated value of $23.4bn from the previous year’s $19.49bn.

While Apple’s CEO Tim Cook publicly stated he would very much like the battles to come to an end, it seems Samsung will attempt to keep the claims and accusations raging for as long as possible.