Rumor: Walmart To Offer $99 4GB iPhone 3G

Last month BGR got word that Walmart might start selling the iPhone 3G in the U.S. on December 28. Now they have a tip from another source (whom they note isn’t on their list of credible ninjas) taking the rumor one step further, saying that not only will Walmart be getting the 8GB and 16GB iPhone 3G, but will also have a 4GB for just $99.

Apple dropped the 4GB some time ago from their lineup, but that was when they were asking $399 for it. The idea that they would bring it back at just $99 might seem to fit with the lower prices they’re asking today, but we’re not so sure. There are undoubtedly a lot of people that would be happy to see the return of a 4GB, but we think it’s pretty unlikely that Apple would make an even cheaper model now given that their current $199 model is already outselling the competition in the U.S. Slicing $100 off the price for adding just 4GB less seems unnecessary.

It also seems a little unusual that talk of another 4GB model has only come up in regard to this specific rumor about a Walmart launch.

That said, we can’t read Apple’s mind, so anything is possible.

In related news, MacRumors has what appears to be more evidence that Walmart might really be getting the iPhone 3G after all. They posted this photo of what looks like training material for Walmart staff concerning the device:

[MacRumors via BGR]

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