Rumor: Solar-Powered iOS Devices

Apple could bring us closer to the Sun, considering the newest rumor to hit the rumor mill does come true in the next few years. According to a report from Digitimes, wireless syncing and charging will eventually give way to solar-powered iOS devices – not soon, but in a few years.

How cool would it be to have an iPhone that never ran out of battery? How cool would it be to have an iPod Touch that would be able to play an infinite amount of games on end? That soon could become reality given Digitime’s newest piece of information is true. Their report for today claims that Apple and Samsung are actively working on bringing solar cells to future generations of Apple’s devices:

Macrumors points out, adding to the news, that Apple has previously displayed interest in solar-power. They have even patented a process of where solar cells are placed under their device’s screens. This means that this new rumor is very likely to materialize soon enough.

This new novelty would only be making an introduction in a few years with future generations of iDevices, unfortunately. Stop complaining, though; it’s not like Apple has some sort of technology that is much more advanced than anyone else’s. Uh, scratch that…

I’m starting to wonder if by then solar-powered devices would be the norm, but regardless, I could certainly live with a device that is constantly powered by the sun’s light; it would be energy efficient, eco-friendly and of course would bring in a whole bunch more revenue in that the new technological addition to the iDevice would appeal to a larger amount of potential customers.

Also something else to keep in mind, is that we’ll probably be anticipating a far more better technology making its appearance on something like the iPhone 10 or so.

Your thoughts? How would you like a device like described above?

[Via Digitimes and Macrumors]