Rumor: iPhone Disk Access, iTunes Subscriptions To Be Announced At Special September Event

Rumor has it that Apple is planning to hold a surprise special media event in September to reveal several a long list of highly anticipated features for the iPhone and their online services, including some unexpected but highly desired features like disk access on the iPhone and iTunes subscriptions.

The anonymous source claims that Apple will announce new features for the iPhone, iPod touch, and MobileMe. For the iPhone and iPod touch, they will supposedly be enabling direct access to the iPhone’s disk, something highly sought after but something nobody expected Apple would ever allow. The source also says that Apple will release an iDisk app that will coincide with an iDisk folder on the device. Files in a format will be able to be opened, while others will be grayed out, and it will have a button to activate a sync with MobileMe, and will add MobileMe photos syncing. These will launch in October.

The source also says that Apple will be starting iTunes music subscriptions under the brand iTunes Unlimited. All songs will be 256kbps, making for the highest quality subscription service ever, starting off with 50% of all the U.S. store’s content available at launch, beginning with the U.S. The service will be available only through iTunes or “retail box a la MobileMe”. The service will cost US$129.99 stand-alone or $179.99 with MobileMe, and current MobileMe subscribers can add it for $99.99 for 1 year. Current a la carte options will remain unchanged. An interesting note: when logged in with the subscription service, the “Buy” button is replaced by a “Get” button. Users will also have the option of downloading and being able to keep the song for only the time they keep the subscription, or purchasing and keeping the songs even after their subscription is over. Once a song is downloaded temporarily, users have the option to “Buy and Keep” the song, which is downloaded again and replaces the previous copy. This would be launched late October in conjunction with iTunes v7.8.

MacDailyNews reminds that this is just a rumor at this time.

[via MacDailyNews]

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