Rumor: iPad 2 to Launch April 2nd or 9th? have announced that a reliable source have let them in on the release information for the Apple iPad 2 which will debut in the US either the first or second Saturday of April. (the 2nd or the 9th) Seems right considering that the first-generation iPad was launched on April 3rd, (also a Saturday) and Apple generally likes to keep a pattern for their annual press conferences.

The iPad 2 following up on its successful predecessor will be a US-only product for the first three months, and for up to a year no other carrier but Apple will sell the device. Not sure why Apple would omit Best Buy or Walmart for the first few months as they’re on of Apple’s largest vendors.

Nothing not expected was revealed about what exactly the iPad 2 would feature. There will be two cameras, a USB port and of course a retina-enhanced screen. And if what we posted yesterday is true and what BoyGeniusReports‘s anonymous source said is true, the device won’t have a home button.

So, anyone excited?