Rumor: Firmware 2.0 Adds FM Support, FOTA?

iPhone Atlas claims to have word from an unnamed user in possession of the unreleased iPhone firmware 2.0 that the new software will have support for both FM radio and FOTA (firmware over the air). We don’t know the validity of their information, but if true it could mean that the iPhone and iPod touch will be capable of using Apple’s iPod Radio Remote, which contains an FM radio tuner.

FOTA support, if truly in firmware 2.0, would mean that Apple could deliver software updates wirelessly over AT&T’s network, possibly posing a serious problem for future unlocking and jailbreaking efforts. Users would no longer be able to keep using a jailbroken version, as Apple could push the update out to the device wirelessly and break the modification.

As bad as that sounds, this is all still an unconfirmed rumor, so don’t run panicking though the streets in fear of software updates just yet.

[via iPhone Atlas]

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