Rumor: Apple Working On iPhone With Slide-Out Keyboard For Business Users?

According to The Register, Apple is considering creating an iPhone with a slide-out keyboard geared toward business users who don’t like the idea of trying to type on a touch-sensitive screen. According to their sources, “whether or not [Steve Jobs] ever makes it work, he is already trying to make a ‘slide-out’ keyboard for a corporate version of the iPhone,” and he has started showing prototypes of the device to operators in order to gauge demand for it.

According to their report, the device would be geared primarily toward business users, and would be an attempt at Apple to grab market share from Blackberry.

They don’t make clear if the information came from Apple or a carrier, but we’re guessing that it probably wasn’t Apple. We’re also guessing that, while I’m sure they would make a keyboard look wonderful, it would deviate from the iPhone’s minimalist form factor, and that it’s unlike them to target business users in that way.

[via The Register]

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