Rumor: Apple To Launch iPhone Nano In Time For Christmas? [Not Likely]

We’ve heard a lot of rumors about an iPhone Nano, and Apple (sort of) delivered when they announced the iPod touch, but for some reason the rumors still persist. iPhone According to The Daily Mail online, Apple will be shipping a new iPhone ‘Nano’, which will be on O2 UK shelves in time for the holiday season this year.

They do cite some fairly convincing evidence to support their claim, such as the fact that, despite the iPhone 3G being very heavily subsidized by O2 in the UK for monthly subscribers, it’s still too expensive for the pay-as-you-go crowd. They say that an “inside industry source” told them that they will be available for £150 on a pay-as-you-go plan.

“This will be a big one,” their source said. “The iPhone 3G has been the fastest-selling phone ever in the UK, but it is too expensive to be a realistic proposition in the pay-as-you-go market. However, a cut down version, with the candy bar shape of iPod nano music players, would be a huge hit as a Christmas gift.”

They also cite another source who said that the device will most likely be similar in shape to the iPod nano, and will have a clickwheel on the back, meaning numbers would be dialed from behind. We think that this especially is way out there and completely unrealistic.

Personally, I think that the iPod touch is as close as we’ll get to an “iPhone Nano” short of possibly the reappearance of a 4GB iPhone, which seems highly unlikely, but I could be wrong.

[via Daily Mail]

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