Rumor: Apple To Announce 32GB iPhone 3G At Macworld?

Macworld ’09 will be here before you know it, and rumors of what Apple might announce are starting to pop up across the web. Among talk of iMac and long-overdue Mac Mini upgrades, MacBlogz has recieved an unconfirmed tip that Apple may add a 32GB iPhone 3G alongside their 8GB and 16GB models.

Right now the only thing stopping the iPhone from holding 32GB like the iPod touch instead of just 16GB is lack of physical space in the device. The iPod touch has two memory slots, which in the 32GB are filled with two 16GB chips. In the iPhone 3G however, the space for a second card is taken up by the communication hardware that makes it a phone. That said, announcements from Toshiba and Intel promise to increase capacity of these chips in the relatively near future.

[via MacBlogz]

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