Rumor-Accurate iPhone 5 Pictures Depict New Design Cues

We have already seen our fair share of pictures claiming to portray or even be iPhone 5, but this collection just may be the best. While they are only mock-ups, they give off a sense of truth since they are heavily based on strong rumors. To say the least, there is a better chance that the actual iPhone shipping in fall will be reminiscent of the mock-ups than not be.

MacRumors worked with CiccareseDesign, which also crafted the iPhone Air mock-up, to create an iPhone 5 inspired by every credible, recurring rumor. Everything was intended to be as accurate as possible, down to measurements taken off of early case designs.

One of the most interesting things that we have not seen mentioned (only whispered) in the rumor mill is how case designs are making room for a wider, oval home button. Speculation leads to the prospect of Apple adding gesture support to the button, for swiping and multi-tasking features. It could go further than that, especially with the addition of Notification Center in iOS 5. As evident by the lack of horizontal bezel, the display was given an effective size boost as well.

A sleek, tapered aluminum chassis is brought front-and-center here as well. If Apple does go with the shinier aluminum, which is very much inspired by the classic design of the original iPhone, these pictures really showcase how could be in for a treat with the change. After all, many would agree that the first iPhone had not only the best design but also the most durable of the lineup of released models.

We have included all the mocked-up images of iPhone 5 below. If this indeed gives us an accurate depiction of what’s in store for the coming weeks, it is apparent how we may be seeing the iPhone’s most significant, game-changing design revision to date. Thankfully, the rumored September keynote is only a few more weeks away…