Rovio Mobile and 20th Century Fox Tease Us With Trailer for New Game ‘Angry Birds Rio’

While the rest of the iPA team is out in San Francisco at the much anticipated, MacWorld 2011 I’m still sitting at home trying to find as many solid, cool and new things that I can instead of moping about missing out on all of the fun. Just a few minutes ago, I came across a new video posted by Rovio Mobile up on YouTube teasing theeir huge crowd of players into the mere premise of their next title that they’ll receive, that along with the recently released, Angry Birds Seasons will be a spin off of their original Angry Birds released under the Chillingo’s Clickgamer brand. Say hello to Angry Birds Rio.

If you’ve recently been to the theater or maybe turned on the TV and haven’t skipped through the ads as many people are doing nowadays, you may have seen ads for an animated move from the creators of the Ice Age called Rio. It seems that Rovio Mobile can’t stop coding, and the fans of the Angry Birds series just can’t get enough of the game due to the fact that they’ve teamed up with 20th Century Fox to bring you yet another game that derives from the much loved Angry Birds.

You can see some animation in the teaser above, but nothing much besides the given fact that they will be soon be releasing this new title. I’d guess sometime around the movie’s release date which is April 15th.

If you can’t get enough of this crazed bird-slinging action, you can of course check out their other separate game that’s currently in the app store which is updated pretty much every major holiday with new levels, (Valentine’s day is coming soon!) Angry Birds Seasons. We’ll keep you posted on this title when more details emerge.