Rotation Gesture In iPhone?

Jesus Diaz with Gizmodo has found a crazy bug with the iPhone that appears to be an undocumented rotation gesture for the iPhone. Apple said nothing about rotation gestures on the iPhone, so according to them, it’s not possible yet, but when Jesus decided to try the rotation gesture for his MacBook Pro’s trackpad on his iPhone, it almost worked.

As the story goes, he was browsing photos quickly in the photo app when he happened to try out the rotation gesture, and it actually worked. Well, almost; they were stuck at a 45 degree angle:

“It was there, stuck in the photo album, with the photos turned on a 45 degree angle. The only thing I could do was to move them sideways, and up and down in relation to each other. The movement was limited, as it was locked with springs. So I took the iPhone from my friend and took these series of photographs.”

While there may not be as much call for the ability to rotate things on the iPhone as say, copy and paste, I have occasionally been browsing through pictures and wished I had the same abilities that the MacBook’s trackpad has for photo browsing.

[via Gizmodo]

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