Rogers Updates All Value Packs To Include MMS, Replaces Visual Voicemail With “Enhanced Voicemail”

Rogers Wireless has made some changes to their iPhone Value Packs, which are purchased to add features that supplement voice plans for the device, adding things like call display and text messaging. Earlier today they were all updated to include MMS messaging, raising the price by $5 each.

While it does seem useful in that it would apparently hint at the impending iPhone OS 3.0 launch (in which MMS will finally be added to the iPhone), it strikes us as a bit greedy of them to update all packages to include MMS before a solid launch date for MMS functionality on the iPhone has even been announced publicly. That said, it is believed that OS 3.0 will take the spotlight at WWDC, and all signs point toward a quickly approaching launch date.

It’s also mildly irritating that they don’t offer the option to opt out of MMS to reduce monthly costs, though we don’t really expect this from most other carriers either.

Smartphone and Visual Voicemail packs are now $20/month instead of the former $15. It also includes something called “enhanced” voicemail, as opposed to the more obvious and/or useful-sounding Visual format that is native to the device.

[via MacNN]

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