Rogers Internal Memo Leaked, Canada To Get Similar Data Plans To AT&T

Someone on the forums has found what they claim is a leaked data sheet sent out internally to employees of Rogers and their subsidiary Fido, the iPhone carrier come July 11th. The authenticity of the information is unknown, but if it is accurate, then iPhone plans available in Canada will be almost identical to those in the US under AT&T.

The data sheet mentions a standard account with a mandatory $30 data plan ($45 for business users) that would include unlimited web access, standard email, and Visual Voicemail, coupled with an additional voice message plan.

Rates for said voice plans would be the same as are already available, but only specific ones would be able to be coupled to the data plan for the iPhone.

As far as prices for the iPhone go, the subsidized prices Apple advertised at the WWDC keynote — $199 for the 8GB and $299 for 16GB — would be available for either customers who sign up for a three-year plan or who already have a two or three-year that qualifies for the upgrade.

The proposed plans fall in line with Rogers Wireless president Nadir Mohamed’s announcement that the company would be changing rate plans for heavier data usage.

[via Electronista]

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