Rogers, Fido Cut Sales Commissions By 50%

Now is a bad time to be one of the sales staff, assistant managers, and director-level employees within Canadian wireless carriers Rogers Wireless and Fido. Despite a 30% increase in sales, the Rogers finance department recently made the decision to cut sales commissions given to the people who were partly responsible for that increase by as much as 50%.

If you add up all of the numbers, the new cuts will mean employees will stand to loose more than $500 a month in commission. It is estimated that these actions will likely have a large impact on the quality of customer service, with people being sent to call customer service instead of getting help in-store. Many will likely resign as well, leaving untrained personnel in their wake.

If you feel strongly enough about this to do something about it, you can contact Rogers or Fido toll-free in Canada at at 1-888-764-3771 for Rogers and 1-888-945-3436 for Fido.

[via BGR]

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