Rogers Defends iPhone 3G Data Plans

Many iPhone 3G-hopefuls and residents of Canada yesterday seemed to be less than satisfied with the announcements from Rogers and Fido. Controversially, none of the four plans for the device they announced came with unlimited data, and many of them decided to make their dissatisfaction publicly known. In response to the public outcry, Rogers has felt the need to defend their data plans.

A company spokeswoman told Electronista that, in their defense, a “majority” of international cell phone carriers have capped data, and they believe their plans to be better. While many of these carriers claim to offer unlimited data plans, most of them are actually capped. For instance, Orange France’s iPhone plan is “unlimited”, but all of them include a 500MB “reasonable use” limit, whereas Rogers’ largest data plan offers a whole 2GB. They also claim that their caps are intended to avoid having customers pay for more than they need.

“Unlimited plans could end up costing customers more for what they don’t use,” the spokeswoman argues. “Our iPhone plans more than accommodate the vast majority of customers.”

She declined to comment, however, on how AT&T and O2 are able to offer unlimited data plans. While AT&T and Rogers offer similar plans for $75/month, the plan on Rogers offers users a third less calling time, half the text messages, and a 750MB soft cap with overage fees.

While the iPhone 3G plans are Rogers’ best smartphone plans yet ($30 will get you only 300MB/month for their other smartphone plans), they have historically been regarded as charging far too much for their data. Just a year ago, their 500MB data plan would have cost $295/month, whereas Bell and Telus shortly dropped their unlimited plans to $7/month. Rogers has since responded with their own $7/month plan, but is limited to their web browser.

[via Electronista]

Edit:I don’t normally do this kind of thing, but I would just like to add that, in my opinion, Rogers’ defense is a load of crap, and that Canadians are right to be upset.

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