Rogers Announces 6GB Data Plan

It appears that Rogers Wireless may have finally heard the complaints of its thousands of potential customers. Earlier today Rogers and sub-brand Fido announced that they will be offering a limited-time promotional plan for the iPhone 3G. Customers that sign up before the end of August will be eligible to sign up for a $30 monthly data plan that includes a whole 6GB of data per month when purchased with a voice plan.

Rogers is claiming that it is enough data per month for a user to watch 105 hours worth of YouTube videos over the cellular network. It is unclear if visual voicemail is included with the plan.

Additionally, they also announced that their stores will be opening at 8AM, just like Apple and AT&T stores in the US. This will include Fideo’s flagship Montreal shop and Rogers stores in Calgary, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver.

[via Electronista]

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