Rock Your Phone Alternative App Store Opens For Business

As we said last week, Apple’s App Store is now being challenged as the only place for developers to offer their apps to iPhone and iPod Touch owners. First was the Cydia store, and now Rock Your Phone has launched an application store of their own for jailbroken devices. The new store just opened for business yesterday and a few pros and cons are already apparent.

The first and most obvious downside so far is that the store only has 5 applications for sale. It’s understandable since it just opened yesterday, and a few of them are pretty cool. That aside, they do offer 10 day trial versions of all their apps, which would be pretty useful.

Users must sign up for accounts on the Rock Your Phone website in order to use the new store and download their desktop client to install the store on their device. More information can be found on their website, and a great tutorial by our friend over at HackThatPhone.

Thanks, Mark!

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